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Monday, July 20, 2009

OK, I know it’s a bit drab around here right now. I’m just in the middle of trying to pretty up the place so bear with me…..I’m terribly swamped with everything…in a wonderful way. See you soon!!



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another long absence I know, but we’ve been plagued by colds and flus and what have you, for weeks now. Just as the kids start to get back to their old selves, I come down with it. As I’m in the fog of a really horrible bout and I feel like all I can do is knit and cough, I’ll keeps this short!

A couple of weeks ago we had a brilliant camp out at The Dreaming Festival, which is Australia’s finest Indigenous Culture/Arts/Music festival held at Woodford on the Sunshine Coast. It was everything a grand festival is- overwhelming, chaotic, peaceful, frustrating, cold, inspiring, stimulating…..

I really get a lot of joy from taking our kids to festivals. It’s very hard work. There is usually a lot of wingeing, crying and laughter (mostly from me 😉 ) but it’s so very worth it. It’s so eye opening for them and this one was a brilliant insight into indigenous cultures which I think we can all get a little more of.

My highlights were watching the amazing singing and dancing at Dancestry and soaking up the beauty and art of  the Tjampi Desert Weavers. I managed to do a basket weaving workshop with the women and it was brilliant in so many ways.

For now, the needles and yarn beckon so I’ll leave you…..







Saturday, May 30, 2009

I had a birthday on Thursday. It was mostly lovely…a few chaotic meltdowns from the kids, yummy food and lots and lots of green in the form of a meander and picnic at Mapleton Falls national park. Beautiful.

From the blurry start of the day and a early morning breakfast breastfeed to pics taken by R whilst descending the mountains, here’s a few snippets of my day. Amazingly, I failed to take a picture of the cake (!) but rest assured, it was delicious.






It’s been a while…

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome back!

I felt the need to disappear for a little but now I’ve returned fresh and grounded, ready to write of our adventures and nothings yet again.

I guess things around here have been busy with the general meanderings of life. Illness, art, food, conversation, love, gardens, life, life, life.

Some days it seems like I get swept along and then the sun is setting and another day is over, a another week, another month. I do believe I’ve been needing to draw back in to living in this moment.

The kids are growing up fast with full-bodied personalities and energies that leave us parents joyful and frazzled. Both little ones fly in opposite directions and come back together briefly to share a sweet moment of play, a million times in a day.

Our minds are whirring with thoughts, recipes, drum patterns. Our ears ringing from the constant chatter from the firey 4 year old and relentless cheekiness of the wee sweet boy. The strains of reggae can still be heard, reverberating through our space, as the book is carved out and worked out by our precious man. There has been much music making, knitting woolies for Winter festivals, morning walks,  reading storybooks and birthy texts, snuggling down on cool nights, craft, cooking, stormy sea watching and chaos as always.

You’ll be seeing more of our moments really soon. I promise.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Urgghhh, we’re sick with the flu here, in some form or another. Leo was the first to go down like a tonne of bricks. We had a week of seriously broken sleep as the poor little fella couldn’t breastfeed due to being so very congested. A week of that makes for a pretty run down set of parents, thus, now I am feeling very under the weather while John fights it off….
I know I’ve been very slack with this blog of late. Many apologies for this. Time has really been getting away on me and really things are very much the same as always….or perhaps I haven’t been taking enough time to capture the little moments of our life with all the study, book compiling and the like going on? I will make efforts in the future to get my camera out and and share a bit more…….but for now, it’s back to lying on the living room floor and drinking ginger tea…..


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well, our sweet boy turned one a few days ago. One!?! I can’t believe it has been a whole year since his birth and what a wild and wooly year it was indeed!

He really is the most beautiful little soul. A real little imp and it has been divine to watch him grow and change. From his first breath, his first smiles, the crawling, steps and giggles. The clapping hands and waving. His emotional yet entirely individual personality…..every bit has been such a pleasure to watch (except for teething; ain’t no joy in that!!).

I am so very thankful to be his mama. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Anyway, we spent the day in a very laid back way. Eumundi markets was a spot of fun with Ruby having a pony ride and Leo digging into the dirt with a plastic spoon.

Simple things. Beautiful things.




A fairy called Muhummed

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meh…we’ve been busy. I’m sorry this blog hasn’t been all that loved but you can always pop over to my other blog, Mama Nuture and read of birth if you’re so inclined.

So apart from the study and the book writing and the parenting, not much has been going on as that’s plenty!!

Had a lovely weekend with the sprites. John worked and gigged with the sistas, later we all lay on the grass and got involved in Ruby’s  fairy game. Our “fairy names”  were Rose, Muhummed, Barry…….gotta love independent imaginary play!! Leo roamed around the grass, eating (and occasionally choking) on leaves and flicking sand about. I love watching him walk around and explore. He is SO mobile now!

Sat in the sunshine at Peregian Originals on Sunday and watched a great band by the name of A French Butler called Smith. Funk, latin deliciousness at its best. They were thoroughly entertaining!

Loving life at the moment!!