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It has begun…..

Saturday, December 1, 2007


We marked the first day of December by creating a new family tradition. Yep, we put up the Christmas tree. This is the very first time we have done it and it really was great fun. Ruby got so much out of it and I think as parents we were almost as excited as she was. All those twinkling ornaments and tangled lights make for a crazy rainy afternoon here and it was just the thing we needed after surviving countless strangers wandering around our home during this morning’s open house inspection. We STILL live here!!! Really, I don’t want to hear about that you’d knock out the sleep out and it has “such potential”. Geez.
Ruby “helping”.


More tinsel tomfoolery.


Very important adjustments.


The finished product.


Having a bit of under-the-tree dreaming.



While I’m going photo nuts, I thought I might add in a couple of belly pics. I’m pretty sick of being told “You’re HUUUUGE!” and comments such as “Gee, I thought you only had a month to go, by your size”. Ummmm…..well… Currently 23 weeks and feeling pretty rounded, but that’s a good thing!!!

Check out my girth!


A few side views……



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