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Blue Monday

Monday, December 10, 2007

Well, I’m finding it hard to start the week today…’s terrible when you wake up on Monday morning and find you’re still exhausted even though one should really be rejuvenated and ready to go! I think really it just comes down to it being that time of year when holidays are desperately needed!

The heat has started here! It’s terribly humid and makes for a pretty cranky mama. It doesn’t help having a little combustion heater in your belly either. So our weekend was spent slothing around and snapping at each other, oh and a quite a few tantrums (from Ruby, not me). My beloved yoga class has finished up for the year so I’m at a loss as to what exercise I can handle. Did I tell you I managed to swim a whole 2 laps the other day at the pool? Crikey, how energetic. Let’s just get it straight that it’s a 50 metre pool too! I felt like an incredible blimp but had to laugh later when a friend told me about a keyring she had bought her fitness-freak brother- It read “If swimming is so good for you, how do you explain whales?”.  Well, that’s enough with the exercise guilt……..

Arrghhh, can’t wait until this week is over and we’re off on holidays! Hooray!!!!!!

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