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Bad parenting #1

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For those I did not tell- I thought I’d relay the story of how we lost our daughter on a shopping trip the other day.

 We were in a big department store and Ruby decided to be a bit of a nightmare (which is not uncommon when embarking on a trip to any retail outlet). After quite a while of pushing my screaming almost 3 year old banshee around in a trolley, I decided to make John take her with him to the wherever he was going on the other side of the store.

Well, I’m minding my business checking out all manner of fashionable embellished sacks (other wise known as maternity wear) when I see John race past the aisles. I think myself “Oh geez”. I just knew instantly that she was missing so we bolted around the shop yelling “Ruby! Ruby!”, but to no avail. We try the toy ailses (obvious place for a child), no Ruby. The christmas trees, no Ruby. The books, no Ruby. I could hear all manner of little voices crying “Mummy!” but none were my child.

The panic rises and rises the longer this is going on, all the while thinking “I hope she hasn’t left this store and walked out into the Christmas time rush!!!!” and obviously, much worse thoughts too. Just when I started to feel quite like I was going to lose it, we both instinctively gravitated towards the front counter, just as we hear “Um, we have a little lost girl here” ringing out over the loud speaker.

Yep, there’s Ruby holding hands with a kind checkout woman, whose asking her “Now, what’s Mummy’s name?” and Ruby replies “Mummy?”. Well, of course!

Anyway, apparently they found her in the camera section trying to scan Sara (her stuffed purple triceratops dinosaur) with one of those price check machines. John and I, of course, had the obligatory argument about who was supposed to be watching her not chatting to friends who we may bump into whilst in the shops but all ended well apart from some very frazzled nerves.

Now I’m starting to think those horrendous child leashes are not such a bad thing (well, not really, but you know what I mean). Arrrrghhhhh, this girl will be the death of me!

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