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Holiday bonanza post

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So, just a quick warning- this post is going to be a long one and very pic heavy so if you don’t fancy trawling through copious amounts of ruby/family/Christmas frenzy, you might want to duck out of this one.

We’ve just arrived back home and it is so very sweet. We had a wonderful time but I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to be back in our own futon, really, after Woodford, home is just so well appreciated!

Firstly, we spent our Christmas time at John’s folks place in Corowa, NSW. Here is the photo spread!


Radish pickin’ Rubes at Joans.


The prize radish


Ruby and the haul.


Joan’s beautiful bounty.

During our stay we took a trip out to the artsy town of Beechworth, where we stupidly took Ruby into the most amazing lolly shop (what the hell were we thinking??!!) and on to have lunch at the famous Beechworth Bakery.


Ruby immensely happy with her bread roll at the bakery.


Ruby and myself having lunch.


Me looking tubby post Beechworth bakery. Might I add there’s a baby in there, not just pastries.


Christmas Eve- leaving out a snack for Santa (didn’t you know he’s actually very partial to Lion’s Christmas cake?).


All snuggled up in the car, ready to go Christmas light viewing.


Christmas morning- treats left in the stocking.


John & Ruby opening presents.


Christmas books.


Ruby’s new fishing rod. Pa would be proud.


Ruby & her mama, playing with a silk ribbon.


Christmas day belly shot.


Ruby & her purple parasol.


The next day we spent some time recovering at the park. No Boxing Day is complete without doing so!


John & Ruby having a slide.


Having a rest.


Sharing a kiss under the willow trees.

After our mammoth trip home from Corowa we arrived home to learn that Santa had also visited our house! Crikey! What a man.


Woah! A brand new bike for Ruby!!

We had one brief night at home and then at the crack of dawn set forth for the Woodford Folk Festival. I think we must have been crazy. It was a gruelling few days. I’m now quite sure that pregnant women are not designed for walking zillions of killometeres in a day, in the rain, in the mud, in the heat, in the dust, nor should they sleep on a bed which is sloping downwards (I awoke many morns to be half way down the bed). Yeah, it was nuts. I didn’t see a damn thing but well, it was an experience!


Our makeshift home with thanks to John. What a rig.


No cold showers for this girl.


Bucket bath.


Ruby catching a gig at the Children’s Festival.


Making friends with the natives.

So, we battled cyclonic winds and rain and packed up camp early in the pouring rain after well and truly having enough. John gracefully manoeuvred our car backward down the muddy slope with wheels spinning, it was looking like either the car was going to roll or we would become utterly bogged, but with such poise John managed to wrangled the wheel with much screaming from the backseat from Ruby and my hoarsly yelled and sodden directions from the side of the road! We manged to escape the quagmire of Woodford but not entirely intact as driving home munching on an apple, John snapped his prosthetic crown front tooth! Arrgghhh. I was somewhere between exhaustion, vomiting, revulsion and sheer crazy laughter for most of the trip home. John driving with one hand on the wheel and one hand keeping his chomper in, whilst I searched for a dentist that would be open and not fully booked during this time!

John spent the afternoon in an emergency dentist’s chair to be given the grave news that we’re looking at $4,000- $5,000 for a new implant for his not-real tooth. Just what you need after Christmas and with a new member of your family on the way! Anyway, that all aside. John has a nicely cemented temporary tooth in at the moment so I’ll hold off on buying him a dwelling in the hills, a banjo, flannel shirt and calling him “John Bob” for the moment.

So that was our festive season? How was yours?

By the way, thanks so very much to everyone for your gifts, wishes, love, company and hospitality. You are wonderful. Happy New Year!

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  1. Tara permalink
    Monday, January 7, 2008 11:56p01

    thanks for posting all these photos! my favourite is the one of ruby under the tree. she looks so happy and content. looks like you guys had a great christmas. happy new year!

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