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Shape the future

Friday, January 18, 2008
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I had a great week at work hanging out with the holiday kids and getting involved in some wonderful workshops that we’re putting on at the library. During the Belly-dancing workshop I was DJ (if you haven’t seen belly-dancing done to YMCA, I’m telling you, you haven’t lived!), facilitated a beading workshop, made softies with teenage girls and got creative with our new library art installation, it’s theme being “Shape the future” and most of the work is made from recycled materials. Really awesome stuff and just fantastic to see the kids really get involved with art through storytelling and what not. Sometimes, I marvel that I’m being paid to do this!

Back at home my little one was getting creative with that wonderful Daddy of hers.


Check out the branding on her arm! Geez.


All you need is paint and a barrel of monkeys.

In getting ready for baby news.We got our fluffy mail! Hurrah! New nappies made of bamboo (woo hoo! a sustainable product).


Ruby checking out the merchandise.

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