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Through the eyes of Ruby

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lately Ruby’s done a stack of drawing and they’re becoming really detailed and great, so I thought I’d share these two with you.


Apparently this is “Daddy, Ruby and an egg”.


Apparently this is “Mummy”. When we asked her, “What’s the circle between mummy’s legs?”, she replied, “That’s the baby! You are pushing it out!”. Well, then!

I guess all our preparing her for the impending birth is paying off!

Speaking of which and this is in no way meant to cause offense, but if you would be ever so kind as to not call up and ask “when are you due?” or “when is the baby coming?” or even “have you had the baby yet?”, we would be ever so greatful. As this has started happening and really, the babe is still at least 6 weeks away, we just wanted to let you all know and please be assured you’ll all definitely hear about as soon as we do. There is a reason why we’re not working with due dates, baby will come in it’s own time.

Of course, we appreciate your kind words,excitement, love and thoughts. The only problem is that when all one hears all day is how huge one is and that one must be about due, one becomes a bit……lets say, fed up!

Lots and lots of love to you all. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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