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Things are geting easier……knock on wood.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The last week has been so much easier. It seems weird that when Leo magically hit 6 weeks, he chilled out. Perhaps it is him or perhaps we are getting better at responding to his needs, maybe it’s both, but whatever it is. It’s working…….right now. We aren’t having half as many restless and unsettled periods in the day (and night. He is awake a bit more and amazingly, isn’t as cranky when he is blessing us with his eyes open company. We’re feeling alot more connected to him now. This attachment parenting that we practice is so wonderful, hard work, but wonderful. I can’t believe that people would control cry and the rest. At least, this works for us and we have a really lovely bond with him as he is always on us, sleeping with us and his needs are met quickly.

Anyway……Ruby is still being a bit of a beast but well……she’s three. As she so eloquently put it (well, yelled it) yesterday, as she was riding at the helm of our shopping trolley and waving her arms furiously at other mild mannered shoppers, “WATCH OUT EVERYBODY! I”M HERE!”

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