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Why I don’t like hanging out with mothers…..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

By that I mean “normal” mothers. Mothers who have pierced their 14 month old baby girls ears. Mothers who say they had to give up breastfeeding because their baby wasn’t putting on weight and that with formula “you just know how much their getting you know?”. Mothers who say that I’m never going to get my kids out of my bed, that I could suffocate my baby by sleeping with it. Mother’s who ask me if I’m still breastfeeding (Ummmmm….the boy is 7 weeks old!?!). Mothers who say they get jealous of mothers who have babies with hair “because when your baby girl has hair you can put cute little clips in and they just look soooo cute”. Mothers who say it’s really important to get back down to a size 6 right after you have a baby. Mothers who whine that the Bugaboo pram is too heavy to get into the Pajero. Mothers who think I’m strange that I breastfed Ruby for 2 1/2 years (the WHO recommends 2 years people!). Mothers who don’t know who Tim Winton or Peter Carey or Helen Garner or John Irving is! Aaaarrrghhh.

Let’s just say it is very hard to converse with said mothers when you turn around and discover your kid has got her pants off and is promptly urinating on the grass in the middle of a public park declaring to the other kids, “I just need a quick wee!”.

I don’t think I’m very good at hanging out with (some) mothers………

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