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Where and how we live…..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It’s become made known to me that some people have been offended by the subject matter and images on my blog so I thought I’d just let you know, that problem is easy fixed- JUST DON’T LOOK!!! Simple.

If you can’t say anything nice, really, don’t say anything at all. That would be lovely. Thanks.

This is who we are and I write about things that are close to my and my family’s hearts. The blog isn’t just a site for family to check out pictures of the offspring. If you find talk of birth (which I might add, is nothing to be ashamed of!), babies and our way of life confrontational, perhaps you should explore that. We are comfortable with all the views expressed right here. Full stop……and now onto more pleasant stuff……..

So, I thought I’d write a post less heavy with R & L pictures and talk about where and how we live.

Our home is on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is the most beautiful spot, so beautiful that John and I are unable to think of an great place to go on a holiday as where we live is such a paradise. We live in an old beach shack, 5 mins walk to the beach.

Our days (and nights) revolve pretty much entirely around our beautiful kids. We walk down to the beach most days and hang out at the local (park). We grow our own vegies, compost, spend time crafting, baking and learning naturally. We haunt the library frequently, we play music, write, hoola hoop and catch up with our dear friends. We hang out huge amounts of cloth nappies on the line, spend enormous stretches of time breastfeeding and settling babies. We deal with many tantrums in a day. We read and read and read. Not much TV is watched anymore. We all sleep in the one gigantic bed. John plays music, gigs, performs and works to sustain us. I am doing the mama role full-time and not missing my library work or study all that much.

We are currently wanting to become more self-sufficient, but one step at a time. We are utterly passionate about living lightly on the earth, permaculture, attachment parenting and the like. We respect our kids as individuals and encourage them to have their own opinions. We aim to raise strong, creative and independent people. In and around all this, we just get on with the sound business of running our house. Cooking, cleaning etc etc, all done with 3 year old at side “helping” and babe in the sling.

Life is pretty sweet.

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