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Net buyers beware

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ok, so yeah, I use my credit card on the internet. Frequently in fact. I order organic fruit & vegies online, handmade stuff from etsy, slings, baby gear, pretty much everything. So, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some punk has lifted our credit card details from somewhere and racked up a few hundred dollars of debt for us. What lovely punks! Anyway, we’ve always been pretty careful to use secured sites, like paypal and whatnot but still here we are down the bucks and having to proved to the bank that we in fact, did not frequent some freakin’ online TAB/gambling site on a Saturday night and have a bit of a bet. Arrrrrghhhhhh!

I love getting kicked when I’m down it’s just brilliant. Apparently the bank is going to do some sort of trace on the cretins who did this and hopefully/perhaps/maybe we should get our money back in oh, I don’t know, hmmmm, perhaps 90 days!! And we still get to lovingly pay the interest because banks can’t afford to not charge interest on money, even if it was illegally spent. So hurrah for that!! Needless to say, I cracked it this morning after 4 phone calls to said bank and had the cards cancelled. Grrrrrr…….

So watch out. Beware.It does happen.

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