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Rainy day

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Outside it’s pouring with rain here. Inside John is playing reggae music (no big surprises there), Ruby is alternating between running around the house with a plastic crate on her head and jumping like a lunatic on the couch, Leo is having a sling sleep and there is a lush pasta sauce bubbling away on the stove so it’s feeling warm and comforting indeed.

What’s been happening? I’m trying to remember actually. It feels as though we get so busy and the days blur into each other. We had the northern family come visit which was nice. Leo got a massive load of gushing over, as did Ruby. We have the southern folks coming on Sunday. This is the first time they will see the boy so that’s very exciting. Hope the rain clears up!

We received a lovely letter (how good is mail?, everybody start writing letters again!!!) from John’s mama the other day, in which she mentioned that Nanna Ida is going to be 90. We said to Ruby when we were discussing birthdays and the like, “Hey Ruby, did you know that Nanna Ida will turn ninety this year?!” to which Ruby replied, “Yeah, well I’m three!”. Which sums up our little egomaniac child quite perfectly really.

We had a great impromptu dinner with lovely new friends the other night. First night out since Leo was born and it went pretty ok surprisingly. It helped immensely that the company was so brilliant and kids were understood for the kids they are! Another fantastic instance where it’s been so nice to hang out with folks that are on the same page about parenting, birth, life and such.

John’s work is picking up again now that the financial year has ended, thank goodness. I got a haircut for the first time in a year and I was sitting in the salon thinking “Wow, this feels strange, no kids on me. I feel as though I’ve forgotten something”. Well, it doesn’t happen that often and it was nice to not feel so damn frumpy all the time.

Ruby and I have been felting again which is really fun. I’ve been picking up some great tips from my new book, “The Creative family” by Amanda Soule Blake. If you haven’t already, check her out! I’m loving this book! It’s really brought back the fact that life’s simplicities should be enjoyed thoroughly. Exploring creativity with your kids is wonderfully eye opening.

Oh, and Leo has started cooing and laughing. Which is a constant delight to us!

Anyway, enough rambling………must go make a date loaf.

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