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I like to sing!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, I’m back on the horse again….sorry for the absence. We’ve been recovering from our visit with the southern family! We had a lovely time and the pixies were thoroughly entertained and lavished love upon.

What else has been happening? Well, Ruby is utterly beside herself because in less than a week we will be going to see Justine Clarke in concert!!! Woah!! We recently bought her new album, “Songs to make you smile” and I kid you not, it has been on rotation constantly. In fact, I feel as though, if I hear it again this morning, my poor ears may bleed. Anyway, that’s very exciting stuff in the eyes of our 3 year old!

The other night we ventured out for the first time in ages. We tucked the kids up in the back of the car, clad in beanies, scarves and crocheted blankets and headed up the range to Maleny, to treat our ears to the talents of Kooii and Kafka. Mmmmmm. It was a brilliant night.  We really (as a wise young lad once said) got funky. The little ones had an absolute ball, dancing and running around underfoot of many hill folk. Leo loved been slung around while we danced. It was so wonderful to see some music again and to catch up with lovely friends. Great, great times!

John did a fantastic gig out at Pomona with the lovely Terri Delaney. All feedback from that has been amazing. It’s wonderful for him to be performing again. We love our musician papa!

The kidlets are growing lovely. Leo is getting absolutely huge. Ruby seems to finally be working out that he’s actually pretty brilliant to spend time with, especially now he interacts with her, laughing, squeeling and kicking around. He has almost made the huge rollover onto his tummy milestone.

I feel now as though I have woken out of a coma after 4 months. I think it really has taken this length of time to really settle. I feel solidly now like we are a family and we can have a very mild sort of order…….No, that’s not right……there is no order but you know what I mean. I think we’re in the groove of this family again.

Anyway, must go….mainly music and a slug of cold tea & toast awaits……hope you’re all keeping toasty!

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