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Great things that have happened this week

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well, I suppose it’s rather mundane but I thought I’d blog the slightly lovely things that have happened for me this week-

*The war against grasshoppers (and other garden nasties) is going well. We are winning! We erected some loose bird netting, used chili spray and we are also growing a stack of flowers that attract good bugs to the garden (to eat the not so good bugs). Yay! The corn, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, climbing beans, pumpkins, basil, comfrey and lettuce are thriving!

*Last Summer when I was pregnant, I filled out a indepth survey relating to birth choices/experiences for a Canadian study and the other day I was notified that I won one of six $100 vouchers for books at! How grand! I can’t believe I won out of the 500 women that replied. It is pretty damn cool as I never really ‘win’ anything (except perhaps the war on grasshoppers). I’m using it to buy some books on Waldorf education, permaculture and also “Buddhism for Mothers’ which I keep re-reading and borrowing from the library, so I thought it was time I got a copy considering it’s such a brilliant book.

*I went to the dentist for a check-up yesterday and I am very embarrassed to admit I had been putting it off for a while as the last visits resulted in some awful extractions. Well, $220 later, I got a received a clean bill of dental health! No problems whatsoever! Now that is GREAT!!!!!

*After having well over 10 nights of absolutely HORRENDOUS sleep, waking up over 15 times a night with Leo thrashing around and whining, now the top teeth have started to cut through, which is brilliant because I was starting to wonder what the hell was going on! He’s still very, very cranky but I’m hoping the amber necklace we put on him will work it’s healing (probably not).

*I chose my subjects for next year finally. Back to study for me. I’m working really hard to balance out all the aspects of life with us- parenting, work, study, blah, blah. Woes me! What ever is the modern woman to do?

Anyway, that’s all that’s really going on at the moment. We are rained in again so going slightly crazy with the kids who want to go to the beach and the like. I think I’m going to send Ruby out the back to stand in the rain with an umbrella for however long she can be interested (I’m betting 5 mins).

Have a wonderful weekend folks…………………

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