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Grey skies are gonna clear up

Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, it’s been raining flat out for the last couple of days here. I’ve been feeling suitably low too so it makes for a nice time!

It’s no surprise that things have been a little flat with me for a few weeks but nothing my lovely naturopath can’t fix. I went along and saw her last week. Ended up having big chat and left with a swag of herbs and the like. I’v also started up with my yoga prac here and there, just to get a bit of *space* so here’s hoping……….

Sometimes the demands of two children can be so incredibly high!! Anyway, enough of that……I’m on the way up hopefully!

Both kids are going well. Ruby chattering away constantly and Leo seems to be having a brief break from teething. We’ve had a couple of ok sleeps which make all the difference.  He’s sitting up on his own quite well now and doing a lot of playing with various bits and pieces. If there’s one thing about Leo, it’s that he loves to check things out and see how they work. I really like watching him weigh things up in his little hands, shaking and moving them about, so as to make some sort of judgement about the object. It’s so amazing how fresh and new everything is to a baby. Pure wonderment. If only we could all stand back and look at things afresh sometimes.

We’ve done a big cull of the toys and gotten rid of everything plastic again. No more plastic here! We like to have the kids playing with natural things so as to stimulate their creativity and strenghthen their connection to the world around them. I guess it’s a bit of the Steiner influence coming in, but it works for us.It’s been interesting to see that with less rubbishy toys, much more independent and creative play blooms. I marvel at how a simple slip of fabric can be a cape, a cubby, a blanket for a doll, a lake, a mountain………

Speaking of things Steiner, we checked out the local Steiner school a couple of days ago. Twas beautiful. I sincerely hope (if we decide that school is the best option) that she gets in there. The environment is sublime and the holistic, creative nature of the education system there is great!

Ruby has been doing a fair bit of crafting- marble painting, sticking and cutting, cooking etc. Yesterday we had a beautiful morning sewing together. Ruby made her own little bag and Mama made some skirts and pants for the tiny tribe members. I really appreciate the simple pleasures of being able to spend some time with my biggest child, especially when I always have the babe stuck to me! If we spend time together like this, it really does seem to foster our connection and then her behaviour is calm(er) and thus the house runs much more smoothly. Sometimes in this busy life, I forget that we all vibe off each other incredibly…….

John’s been spending lots of time with Ruby at the beach, whilst I rest with the boy and get a bit of time to myself, which has made for a healthier mental outlook on my behalf! It’s really getting quite hot so beach going is fantastic! He seems working on a few projects, also gigging a bit, here and there and with sistamusic.

After being inspired by Amy, I’ve been knitting up some soakers for Leo. I’m working on a lovely one now of wool in delcious earthy, autumn hues.

I’ve been getting through quite a few books at the moment, whilst breastfeeding (of course!), rants and reviews to come…..

In the garden, we have lots of things growing strong now- cucumber, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, herbs. The pumpkins are set to take over the world and the whole place is peppered with cosmos and giant russian sunflowers set to burst into flower. We are harvesting zuchini and the beans never seem to make it inside, for the keen little gardener that is Ruby, munches them up whenever she finds them on the teepee. I just love gardening and I love that the kids seem to delight in it to. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Oh, and for that lovely lass that asked me about fertiliser (*waves*)- I just use comfrey, chook manure, seaweed extract, mushroom compost, homemade compost and sometimes a handful or two of dynamic lifter. We are hoping to get a worm farm very soon too……yay for worm casings.

We are off to Brisvegas tomorrow for Tara & Mike’s wedding. I am a bridesmaid and have been doing a little bit of teetering around on my heels (I’m very green at stillettos, let me tell you!!!) so as to not fall over and disgrace myself and the wedding party! Fingers crossed that Ruby doesn’t say any loud obsenities and Leo doesn’t throw up on my dress before the ceremony!

Anyway, hope this paints a vivid picture of out little life here at this moment. Have a brilliant weekend folks!






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