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Back on the horse

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok, so we are back……sorry for the long silence…I guess it’s just that time of year, but apart from crazy business,  there has been a lot of growth going on here but that’s entirely different post.

So, Christmas was a lovely quiet affair, at home with our wee family. We did a whole lot of eating, crafting homemade gifts and swimming at the beach. My li’ woman made me a papier mache ‘Bog Baby’. So beautiful.

We didn’t end up getting to Woodford this year and I’m not all that disappointed as it was truly TOO hot for us and with carting the kids around….it would of made for a bit of a nightmare.

John started work on his book after receiving the great news that his grant application had been approve. EXCITING STUFF!!!! All I hear is reggae these days!!! We’re in the land of Rocksteady right now. It is lovely though to see him so immersed in this project, scribbling away on manuscript late at night and tapping……the man is always tapping.

He just did an intensive week of mentoring and music making at the council’s Creative Career’s Music Camp for young adults. He really was in his element. Fantastic.

The kids are GREAT. Ruby chatting like a maniac as per usual and Leo is completely mobile. Crawling around and cruising along the furniture…and standing!!! I think he’ll be walking soon enough.

Finally, stuff with me is so much better. My headspace is all alright and I’m incredibly thankful. I had many things to clarify in my life and now I’m back on track. … this space for more of where this exciting new journey takes me……


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