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Blue Days

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, Ruby undertook a crash course in death the other day when three quarters of her brand new fish bought the farm. Poor Tico, Goldie & Sam left this life & Luna to the merry confines of the tank…..perhaps we were feeding them too much? Perhaps the filter wasn’t up to speed yet? Who knows? Goldfish are so damn fickle though.

Anyway, she spent a few days being quite emotional and  making the connections that the fish were not coming back. She had invented little lives for these creatures and relationships…apparently Goldie was Luna’s mama, so when Goldie decided her time was up, Luna was rendered motherless. Which was a big thing for Ruby to comprehend. Mothers die?!? So, we dug a little grave, placed some flowers and had many conversations.

A couple of days later will gave in and bought one more fish because Ruby was extremely concerned that Luna was lonely. So now there is Silver.

Hopefully they stick around a little longer… If not I think we’ll move on to Siamese Fighting Fish. I hear they are a little less temperamental.

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