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Late Summer

Monday, March 2, 2009

We’re finishing up Summer now…still having hot days but the nights are becoming cool and there is that feeling in the air that Autumn is around the corner. I love the change in seasons, the ebb and flow of nature and its cycles. It’s got me thinking about this time last year and the rhythms of our life as we nested and prepared for Leo to join us.  A year goes by so very fast doesn’t it?

We have been enjoying the last of the Summer around here with much watermelon, splashing in wading pools, lazy afternoons reading books, beach walks and stormy rains from time to time.

Not to mention Summer colds, teething (both Leo and I – wisdom teeth, you’ve gotta love ’em), work, study and whingeing kids…..but as I lay on the grass the other afternoon cuddling Ruby as  Leo pottered and stepped (yes,walking!!) around the garden, we looked up into the beautiful green canopy of leaves and chatted….I felt incredibly thankful.

With so much sorrow and devastation going on in the world, it is so important to count your blessings….I know I am.

Hope there’s much sunshine in your days too.



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