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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Urgghhh, we’re sick with the flu here, in some form or another. Leo was the first to go down like a tonne of bricks. We had a week of seriously broken sleep as the poor little fella couldn’t breastfeed due to being so very congested. A week of that makes for a pretty run down set of parents, thus, now I am feeling very under the weather while John fights it off….
I know I’ve been very slack with this blog of late. Many apologies for this. Time has really been getting away on me and really things are very much the same as always….or perhaps I haven’t been taking enough time to capture the little moments of our life with all the study, book compiling and the like going on? I will make efforts in the future to get my camera out and and share a bit more…….but for now, it’s back to lying on the living room floor and drinking ginger tea…..

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