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It’s been a while…

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome back!

I felt the need to disappear for a little but now I’ve returned fresh and grounded, ready to write of our adventures and nothings yet again.

I guess things around here have been busy with the general meanderings of life. Illness, art, food, conversation, love, gardens, life, life, life.

Some days it seems like I get swept along and then the sun is setting and another day is over, a another week, another month. I do believe I’ve been needing to draw back in to living in this moment.

The kids are growing up fast with full-bodied personalities and energies that leave us parents joyful and frazzled. Both little ones fly in opposite directions and come back together briefly to share a sweet moment of play, a million times in a day.

Our minds are whirring with thoughts, recipes, drum patterns. Our ears ringing from the constant chatter from the firey 4 year old and relentless cheekiness of the wee sweet boy. The strains of reggae can still be heard, reverberating through our space, as the book is carved out and worked out by our precious man. There has been much music making, knitting woolies for Winter festivals, morning walks,  reading storybooks and birthy texts, snuggling down on cool nights, craft, cooking, stormy sea watching and chaos as always.

You’ll be seeing more of our moments really soon. I promise.

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