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About us

I am a passionate student doula and aspiring midwife who is ever scribbling and occassionally  stitching. Also, mama  to a  feisty, independent, cheeky 4 year old little woman & a sweet and stubborn, growing little curly haired boy of 1. I share this beautiful life with a  serene, ever-balanced, brilliant papa, reggae lovin’ musician man.

This blog is just brief insights into our little world.

Our meandering thoughts may include music, books, creative ventures, bakery goods, circus, beach going, cups of tea having, craft, gardening, festivals, hoola hooping, compost making, sewing, recording experiences, park playing, soft-toy making, birth and breast-feeding activism, down to earth living and cloth nappy obsession content. Did I mention cake?

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  1. Rex Fredericks permalink
    Saturday, January 19, 2008 11:56p01

    Hi to you all,

    Just been talking to Lynn and we were at the respective computers on either side of the country. We looked at Atumn cakey, hey a great site, well done. Now that it’s on the favorites I can look at the pic’s, thanks.

    Stay well and good luck for march.

    Love and Regards


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