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My Blessingway

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wow, what a weekend. Saturday I had the most beautiful blessingway. What’s a blessingway you ask? Well, a blessingway involves women coming together and “blessing the way” of the pregnant mama as she embarks on the journey of birthing her babe. Unlike the traditional baby shower, a blessingway focuses on the mama who we all know rather than gift giving to the unborn baby.

My blessingway was an incredibly special day with some close women in my life. My beautiful midwife & doula organised the whole thing,  we had an amazing vego feast, chatted and drank cups of tea (not to mention lush massages from my 2 gorgeous with-woman women!), hennaed my belly and the BIG surprise, all the women got crafty and felted a sublime baby blanket, weaving and adding treasured pieces of fabric. I can’t tell you moving & lovely it was to see all the wonderful women’s hands involved in making a piece of art that this baby is going to be placed on very soon. My fantastic mates all brought a beautiful bead of their choice which we threaded together to become a “birth necklace” to be worn in labour. It was just such a magic day & I really felt quite blessed to have such amazing company on that day & in life.  I will not forget it.Thank you all so very much. xxxx

P.S. I hope everyone’s ok with pics of them up here. If not, let me know and I’ll sort it out. 🙂


The felt base for baby’s blanket


Checking out designs.


Building & layering.


Getting fancy.


Applying the soap solution.


Assessing the first few layers.


Threading the birthing necklace with my little woman in the centre of the circle.


Applying henna to the belly.


Ruby’s henna (check out our matching birthing necklaces!).


Drying out.


Ruby’s foot henna.


The finished canvas.


Big blessingway day.

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  1. Monday, March 17, 2008 11:56p03

    Oh that looks all so so beautiful! All the best for the birth. There is nothing that comes close to those babes being born.

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